Thursday, May 11, 2006

I Hate ATM Receipts

I hate ATM receipts. I really really hate ATM receipts.

Apart from the distinct lack of money in my bank account there's one thing that really gets my goat when I take cash out from an ATM. Those bloody infernal receipts they spit out. Obviously they are quite useful if you actually do want to keep a receipt. I've no doubt it makes some sound economic sense if you want to take lots of care over your bank account. However most people who request receipts don't want to keep them. In fact, they don't want them at all. The reason they request them is because they are too stupid to decide what they actually want went given the choice of "cash with receipt" and "cash without receipt". It's a fairly simple choice. Maybe it's hard for the simple people that seem to inhabit this town. Yes, I live near lots of students. I'd go into how much I hate students but that's a whole new rant! Where was I? Yes, so you go to get some money out of the cahs machine and the place is littered with these infernal receipts (ooh, i hate litter too!). The person at the cash machine finishes and you wander up to put your card in and what happens? That's right! Another bloody receipt pops out. The cretin in front of you didn't even so much as glance at the receipt. With any luck identity fraudsters will pick up all these little pieces of paper and empty your bank accounts!


Blogger Rose DesRochers said...

Those things are a waste. LOL

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